About Us

how Aussie Cheer Pony began

Say goodbye to endless teasing, hair-spraying and hours of getting ready for your next cheer comp! Say goodbye to COMP-DAY STRESS altogether!

THE Aussie Cheer Pony will literally have you ready in minutes with a perfect cheer pony EVERY time! You will be set to WOW those judges with little effort and completely STRESS FREE!


I’m Jo, a proud Cheer-Mum to three cheerleaders. Getting their hair perfect on comp days was a nightmare! Not only did it take forever but the damage to their hair caused by teasing was getting to the point of no return…not to mention, the tears, tantrums and screaming became unbearable! I simply had to find a solution to this endless hassle! My research discovered that cheer ponies indeed existed but the joy stopped when I realised how much the luxury of three ponies would cost and despite that cost, how little they lasted.   Added to that, I would have to face the continuous cost of having to get the ponies professionally primed and refreshed (re-teased) before every comp!  With three girls who were in this sport for the long haul, I just couldn’t afford, nor justify the horrendous cost of purchasing three ponies and of maintaining them.  This is what made me determined to design and create my own stunning yet affordable pony that would last years and years with ZERO added costs after purchase.  My formula was pretty straight-forward….It had to be of THE HIGHEST QUALITY and it had to be at an AWESOME price…Oh and of course, it HAD TO LOOK TOTALLY AWESOME!


Aussie Cheer Pony is today a leading supplier of quality, professional Cheer Ponies to TOP cheer and dance clubs around the globe.  We are so proud of our gorgeous ponies!


Aussie Cheer Pony is distinctly and deliberately different from other cheer ponies. For starters, our ponies are made from the highest grade of  synthetic hair available in the world called Kanekalon Futura….deliberately and intentionally so! They look and feel just like real human hair except they are by FAR more durable!  They are specifically made to withstand the demands of tumbling and stunting in cheer routines for years and years!  Specially woven into a high, full, smooth and silky cheer pony that sits perfectly each and every time!  You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Aussie Cheer Ponies are also distinctly different to other ponies because they are not teased nor will ever need to be…well unless you really want to, then sure go right ahead!  This means they require no maintenance other than a light brush after every use.  They are able to sit so high and proud because of the unique way they’re designed and manufactured and also because of the sheer volume of hair that each pony is made from whilst still being very lightweight.  The result is a gorgeous, silky, natural-looking pony which definitely wont have that knotty, matted look that you may have noticed other cheer ponies have!

Aussie Cheer Pony attaches easily and securely with a draw-string elastic and two small combs directly over your own hair-bun and pinned with one or two pins…THAT’S IT!  NO SEWING-IN IS REQUIRED!!

Nor more damage to your own hair and no knots to brush out at the end of the day!

We’d love to share the love of these gorgeous, unique ponies, so get in touch and find out more!