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Why are Aussie Cheer Ponies made from synthetic fibre instead of real human hair?

The reasons are endless….!!!  Basically, we think that human hair ponies defeat the purpose of having a cheer pony…you may as well use her own hair!  Cheer ponies need height and fullness and you can only create this on real human hair with loads and loads of teasing and stiffening products, whether it’s your own hair or a cheer pony. Human hair is brittle and, again, whether its your own hair or a real hair cheer pony, over time it will be damaged so in a nutshell it will not last long.  Synthetic fibre, particularly the high grade synthetic fibre that Aussie Cheer Pony is made from, is FAR more durable and will take far more knocks than real hair so your pony will last you MANY MANY seasons.  Synthetic is far more superior in order to withstand the rigours of tumbling and stunting in cheer routines.

Synthetic will also ensure that any curling will stay put…curls will not drop out until you re-straighten them which is the completely opposite for real human hair.

Finally, there is the cost! Real human hair costs a bomb so most often they’re made from far less hair so to keep the horrendous cost to a minimum (hence they then have to rely on being teased to get height).  Using affordable synthetic means we can use far more hair which results in a much fuller, natural looking pony without the need for teasing and ongoing maintenance. All you need to do with a synthetic pony is give it a light brush after every use and it will be ready for the next comp!  It is exactly what a cheer pony should be!

Can Aussie Cheer Ponies be curled, then re-straightened?

YES! Curling an Aussie Cheer Pony is absolutely possible!  We won’t lie though, it’s not as straight-forward as straightening human hair so that’s why we offer to curl your pony for you whether it be when first purchased or later.  If you’re experienced enough to attempt curling the pony yourself, we recommend using hot rollers because they use a gradual, gentle heat.  Once the rollers go completely cold, they ‘set’ the curl in place and will produce perfect curls that won’t drop out unless and until you straighten them out again. A curling rod can also be used if you know what you’re doing and be very gentle in terms of the heat used. We recommend the heat setting be kept to under 160degs celcius to avoid risk of damaging the fibre. Always work quickly and don’t leave the hair on the heat rod longer than a few seconds. Check out our gallery for photos of curled ponies.

Similarly, as with curling, straightening the pony again can easily be done using a low heat on the straightening iron.

Is an Aussie Cheer Pony suitable for any hairtype?

Most of the time, yes!  So long as you can get your hair into a bun, then your pony will have a secure foundation.  Thin hair that makes for a small bun is ok because a bun ring can be used to fill it out so that the pony can look nice and full.

How do I choose which colour pony is right for me?

Aussie Cheer Pony proudly offers a personalized colour-match service so that you end up with the perfect pony!  Colour matching is done online using photos that you can upload and send us via this website or via our FaceBook or Instagram Pages.

Remember, our colour match is only as good as the photos you provide us!  We rely on those very photos when recommending a pony colour so its totally up to you to ensure the photos are as close to ‘true colour’ as possible and only  you can know this.

Our website gives you a guide as to which photos work best when trying to depict ‘true colour.

Once we give you a recommendation, we will use our website and other photos to show you the colour we recommend.  It’s then over to you whether to chose to accept the colour recommended or consider a different option instead.

How long does it take to order and receive my pony?

We strive to keep each colour in stock 24/7 and therefore aim to provide same-day dispatch.  In the event your required colour has sold out, we will give you an estimated time of arrival based on when a new batch is available to us.

Check the Shipping page for details of delivery timeframes and postage options available

Do you offer a discount on bulk orders?

We invite you to chat to us if you have a bulk order of 5 or more ponies (ordered and paid for in one transaction) and to explore what pricing options are available.  We have particularly attractive options for entire club orders.

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Will a synthetic pony look and feel fake?

This is an easy one to answer! NO IT WILL NOT! There’s synthetic and then there’s synthetic! Because we choose to use the highest grade of synthetic hair fibre available in the world and one that is specifically made from the most reputable company in the world, our ponies look and feel BETTER than human hair. We guarantee the quality is absolutely impeccable and your pony will be soft, silky, glossy and totally gorgeous. You won’t believe it till you see it!

Are Aussie Cheer Ponies teased?

No. Aussie Cheer Ponies are distinctly different to other ponies in that they are not teased nor will ever need to be…unless that is, you specifically want to! Because of this, they require no maintenance other than a light brush after every use. Our ponies sit so high and proud because of the unique way they’re designed and manufactured…and also because of the sheer volume of hair that each pony is made from. We deliberately wanted our ponies to be free of any added work, cost and maintenance. The result is a gorgeous, natural looking pony that is perfect every time!

How does the pony get attached?

Each pony comes with full instructions…essentially it gets attached over your own hair bun. The pony has two small combs inside and a drawstring elastic with a lock-clip.  The combs get inserted under the hair bun and then the drawstring elastic is tightened so that it closes over the bun. The lock-clip then ensures the elastic doesn’t loosen. This results in a super secure pony with absolutely no need to sew the pony in like other cheer pony brands require.  You’ll therefore be ready in just minutes!

How do I care for and maintain my Aussie Cheer Pony?

All you need to do is simply give your pony a brush after each use.  Using a soft bristle or soft spikey brush is ideal.  Start brushing from the ends and work your way up to ‘roots’ of the pony with short, gentle movements so that you don’t break the fibre by tugging harshly. Your pony will look shiny and silky for years and years with little effort.

When you feel the need (probably no more than once a year, depending on how much you wear the pony), you can wash and condition your pony.  Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner (eg. Johnsons baby shampoo is great) and wash your pony in the basin using luke-warm water.  Condition the pony and brush out the knots whilst the conditioner is in, then rinse out.  Always, hang the pony to dry naturally overnight.  It is not recommended you use heat (hairdryer) to dry the pony.

Always store your pony in the specially designed case that came with your pony.

What payment options do we offer?

Payment can be made either by direct bank transfer or via credit card*.
(*credit card payments do attract an additional small surcharge).

What is your exchange policy?

We are proud of our 99% success rate in colour matching and we rarely get requests for exchange.  However, in the event that an exchange is required, we will happily exchange ponies that are unopened, unworn and in ‘as new’ condition…basically exactly as you received it.   Unfortunately, we are unable to exchange curled ponies as these are treated as ‘custom orders’ which cannot be easily re-sold.

We recommend you be sure of the colour before you open the packaging.

It is easy to see when a pony has been opened and taken out of its packaging and it is often not re-sellable once this occurs.  Just as you wouldn’t want to receive a pony that is not in perfect shape, it isn’t fair for others to so we ask you to be fair and considerate.

Please note that all exchanges are at the buyer’s expense in terms of postage in both directions.  See our Terms and Conditions of Sale page for further details.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds, other than in the rare case of a faulty pony.