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Here are the beautiful colour choices of Aussie Cheer Pony!  There is sure to be a perfect colour match for you!  Browse through our gorgeous ponies and click on the one you think will suit you.  Whether you’re sure of which colour you need or not, we will colour match you to make sure you choose the perfect colour. Click on the pony you like and simply follow the prompts that will lead you to be colour-matched instantly. A  personalised service for each and every client… too easy!


This natural looking pony is simply a standout for the classic brunette. Made of a single tone warm brown colour, it’s a total classic.


This is a stunning single tone deep brown pony (nearly black, but not quite). A darker and deeper shade than the Medium Brown pony, it will blend perfectly with those who have darker brown roots, particularly when using hairspray to keep those fly-aways at bay.


An all-time natural-looking stunner! This pony is a two tone warm brown pony blended with a lighter brown tone to give an absolutely magical highlights effect. Very similar in colour to the Medium Brown but slightly lighter owing to the subtle glowing highlights look it gives off.


This single toned dark blonde coloured pony will turn heads! Despite its name, it can also be described as light brown in colour. It flawlessly caters for those who have a mousy-brown hair colour or those who are in-between a dark blonde and light brown tone. This pony will simply glow particularly in natural light or under stage lights!


This pony is a totally on point! It is a gorgeous two tone blended classic blonde coloured pony that is made up of two shades of blonde to give an overall gorgeous golden colour with natural looking highlights. You really can’t get more natural looking that this one!


There’s a reason why this is our best selling pony! This is a stunning two tone blended pony made of both classic brown and blonde tones. This is a very versatile pony that can equally suit darker blondes with brunette undertones as well as brunettes who love their highlights. It is particularly perfect for those who have darker roots and lighter ends. This pony gives a glorious overall deeper golden look with hints of brunette shining through. No two Golden Walnut ponies are the same, hence why the natural look of this pony is at its finest!


Ebony is classic single toned jet black pony. This pony is gloriously shiny, silky and very natural looking.


Smoke is a pony with a difference! This pony is  two toned, made up of a blend of light brown and silver tones. It gives a distinct modern look of smoke/grey toned highlights whilst boasting a gorgeous light brown/mousey undertone colour.


This pony caters for the ‘light and bright’ red heads out there. It is a two toned blended pony made of two shades of bright orange/ blonde to give a bright ginger/golden appearance.


It took time to perfect this amazing rich coloured pony to suit the more classic ‘red heads’ out there.  It is a glorious two toned pony made of two shades of both deep auburn and warm copper tones to give a full-bodied, bold, fiery, deep ginger appearance. So natural looking and flattering, it will look just like your own real hair!


Auburn is two toned pony to suit those with an overall reddish-brown base colour. It’s two blended colour tones create a stunning rich coloured auburn tone that looks bold yet naturally subtle at the same time.

    To enable accurate colour match, please make sure your photos meet the following requirements and keep in mind that our colour-matching can only be as good as the photos you send:

    Provide photos with your HAIR DOWN as follows:

    1. front view
    2. back view
    3. side view
    • All photos must be taken OUTDOORS in the SHADE
    • NOT indoors
    • NOT in the sun
    • NOT under lights
    • NOT too close up - passport-type photos showing down to your shoulders are ideal

    File size requirements

    • No single file over 1MB
    • Total combined file size limit of 4MB, up to 5 files maximum
    • Acceptable file types - gif, png, jpeg, jpg

    For an easy way to re-size your images, visit: