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Aussie Cheer Ponies are made using Kanekelon ® synthetic hair fibre. Kanekelon ® is the world’s leading and most preferred brand of synthetic fibre. Proven over more than 50 years of research and development to be the closest thing to real hair but with far more benefits particularly when used in cheer ponies.

More specifically, Aussie Cheer Pony has chosen the Kanekelon Futura ® range. Futura ® boasts a heat-resistant formula and flame-retardant technology which ensures our Cheer Ponies can safely be styled with curling irons and other heat tools**. Yes you can go from straight to beautiful bouncy curls and back again all while keeping your pony shiny, soft and silky.

Kanekelon Futura ® is by no means a ‘cheap and nasty’ fibre!  We guarantee you will find no closer match to real hair anywhere and also nothing as durable!

Feel free to find out more about Kanekalon ® and Kanekalon Futura ® right here.


** Always ensure the recommended heat setting is never exceeded.  For those with little experience in styling synthetic fibre, we recommend not exceeding 150-160 degrees celsius and to not keep your styling tool on the hair fibre for longer than a new seconds.